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Brief History


PSCC Initialization
Cardiac services started in 1979 at Riyadh Military Hospital and ever since have witnessed significant progress. The center was eventually crowned by the Decree of HRH the late, God Willing, Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz # 4228 dated 24/11/1412 AH stating the establishing of Prince Sultan Cardiac Center to act as a specialized healthcare center provide comprehensive cardiovascular services to all Armed Forces personnel, their dependents and other patients referred to the center for further evaluation and specialized treatment.
On Wednesday, Nov. 09, 1996, HRH the late Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz inaugurated the new building of the center.
PSCC is a four-storey, five- level building designed to accommodate 174 beds and holds four (4) operating theaters, four (4) catheterization labs, one (1) cardiac electrophysiology lab and (2) nuclear cardiology stress labs.

Ever since the center has witnessed constant progress in terms of quality of services provided to patients and medical achievements.
In 2008; PSCC has accomplished many objectives, including but not limited to, establishment of a new Gama camera system , opening of the adult congenital heart diseases unit with an addition of (6) extra beds. In addition, the year 2008 witnessed a comprehensive upgrade of both Catheterization Labs. (3) & (4)and the ICIP system; installment of the new automated drug dispensing system for in-patients; expansion and upgrade of the cardiac Electrophysiology lab; the inauguration of the clinical information archiving project; follow up the construction of the new OPD building (114) beside other future projects.

PSCC Directorate
Since its  inception, PSCC has been directed by a number of leading figures, starting with Major/ Ali M. Al Zahrani, followed by Lieutenant Colonel/ Abdulrahman H. Alosaimi, Brigadier General/ Mohamed A. Alsolaifih,  Major General/ Ali M. Alzahrani ( second term), and currently, Colonel/ Mazen F. Al- Omran , who is the incumbent PSCC Director.​​​

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