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Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
14 April 2024 | 04:57 ص
About PSCC

Prince Sultan Cardiac Center (PSCC)

Prince Sultan Cardiac Center is considered a unique model matching the most advanced cardiac centers in developed countries in the provision of high quality comprehensive cardiovascular services to all armed forces personnel, their dependants and other eligible patients.

In keeping pace with constant developments in the field, Prince Sultan Cardiac Center organizes symposiums and scientific programs; promotes and pursues scientific research relative to cardiovascular diseases and Cardiac Surgery.

PCSS Medical Facilities:

PSCC has total of (174) beds dedicated to adult and pediatric cardiac patients distributed as follows:

  • (4) Operating Rooms.
  • Surgical ICU: (19) beds, (10) for Adult and (9) for Pediatric.
  • Ward (1/6): (23) beds for Adult Cardiac Surgery, including (6) ICU beds.
  • Ward (1/7): (30) beds for Pediatric Cardiac Surgery, including (3) ICU beds.
  • Ward (2/6) ICU: (11) beds for Pediatric ICU.
  • Ward (2/7): (14) beds for Pediatric Cardiology.
  • Ward (2/8): (20) beds for Adult Cardiology, including (6 ICU beds).
  • Ward (2/9): (6) beds for Congenital Heart Diseases.
  • Ward (3/7): (26) beds for Adult Cardiology.
  • Ward (3/6) CCU: (25) beds, including (17 for Adult) and (8 for Pediatric).
  • Cardiac Cath. Lab: (6) labs., including Cardiac Electrophysiology lab and the Recovery ward for the day case procedures.
  • Cardiac Recovery: (12) beds.


Outpatient Department:

PSCC has around 31 rooms dedicated to outpatients, as follows: Adult Cardiology Clinic  
Pediatric Cardiology Clinic 
Heart Transplant Clinic 
Pacemakers Clinic (Adult & Pediatric) 
Heart Failure Clinic 
Valves Clinic 
Cardiac Rehabilitation & Prevention Clinic 
Congenital Heart Diseases (CHD) Clinic 
Adult Primary Care Clinic

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