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Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
01 December 2022 | 09:48 ص
Vision And Mission
PSCC Organization
As per the order of General Chief of Staff, No. 82 dated 9/1/1414.

Unit Name
Prince Sultan Cardiac Center.

Vision :
Prince Sultan Cardiac Center aspires to be the leader in providing specialized cardiovascular services in the Middle East, as an integrated medical center and specialized scientific authority in cardiology and cardiac surgery.

Mission :
Prince Sultan Cardiac Center is committed to providing the highest standards of integrated healthcare services to all Saudi Armed Forces Personnel, their dependents and other eligible patients delivered by highly qualified human resources and utilizing the most advanced medical technologies in accordance with MSD Total Quality Management, and in line with International Standards.​​​​

PSCC Objectives:

  • To provide comprehensive therapeutic, preventive and rehabilitation cardiac medical services to all Armed Forces personnel, their dependants and other eligible patients referred to the Center according to established regulations.
  • To carry out advanced medical examination related to cardiac diseases.
  • To promote and pursue scientific research related to cardiovascular diseases.
  • To train Saudi personnel in allied healthcare occupations to prepare them to work in Armed Forces hospitals.
  • To establish scientific and professional affiliation with well renowned and cardiac centers institutions worldwide.  

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