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Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
01 December 2022 | 10:23 ص
Rights and duties of the visitor

Patient's Visitor Rights 
  • Clarity of the announcement and suitability of the visiting hours to the various PSCC inpatient facilities Center.
  • Provide visitor guidance services to the patients' rooms.
  • The patient's visitor(s) is (are) entitled to file a written complaint or suggestions, signed or unsigned, to the Patient Services Department without compromise to the quality of service provided to the patient.
  • Availability of clear policies and procedures in the PSCC to deal with visitations pertaining to exceptional cases and intensive care wards.
  • Be informed of things that are not allowed inside the PSCC.
Patient's Visitor Responsibilities 
  • Seek assistance from relevant PSCC personnel in order to locate and reach the inpatient's room of the patient you are visiting.
  • Comply with established/ announced visiting hours.
  • Comply with medical decisions with respect to restricting visitation or determining the duration of the patient visit.
  • Observe and respect the patient's privacy.
  • Refrain from giving the patient any type of medications.
  • Refrain from giving the patient any kind of food or beverages without consultation with the medical team and nursing staff.
  • Refrain from assisting the patient in violating the instructions of the medical team and nursing staff.
  • Commitment to public decency in addition to respecting others personal values, cultural, social and religious beliefs.
  • Treat all PSCC staff, other patients, companions and visitors politely and respectfully
  • Respect the privacy of other patients and companions (watchers).
  • Comply with PSCC regulations and guidelines.
  • Comply with PSCC safety and security regulations and instructions.
  • Preserving the property and cleanness of the PSCC.
  • Refrain from bringing things that are not allowed inside the PSCC, and be responsible for consequences entailed in violating such policy.
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the center.