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15 June2015


The Trans-catheter Aortic Valve replacement without surgical intervention and under local anesthesia is a new outstanding medical achievement recently realized by Prince Sultan Cardiac Center of Prince Sultan Military Medical City, and is considered the first of its kind in the Arab region.

Prince Sultan Cardiac Center was selected by the producer and designer of the valve "Evolut- R" to conduct the new TAVI procedures due to the Center's immense capabilities in this field.

Dr. Moheeb bin Ahmad Al-Abdullah, Snr. Consultant Cardiologist and Director of Medical Administration at Prince Sultan Cardiac Center stated that the procedure was conducted using the latest Trans- catheter valves, called "Evolut R", which have recently been granted the medical license for use in Europe in February 2015. The Trans catheter aortic valve implantation is performed without surgical intervention using the Evolut- R valve, which can be deployed through much smaller arteries than before, the femoral arteries.

Dr. Abdullah added that Prince Sultan Cardiac Center is the largest center in the region to perform this type of Trans -catheter aortic valve implantation, where (175) valves were successfully implanted, mostly under local anesthesia, and with patients being discharged within 72 hours after the procedures. This procedure is performed on old male and female patients, suffering from severe aortic stenosis, offering effective treatment to those at high risk for conventional open heart surgery due to age and risk factors associated therein.

Notably, this achievement was accomplished by a Saudi medical team, including Dr. Moheeb bin Ahmad Al-Abdullah, Dr. Mohammed Al-Otaibi, Dr. Hussein Al Amari, Dr. Saeed Al Ahmari and Dr. Abdullah Al Khushail, thanks to Allah and the unlimited support by our wise leadership which spares no effort to provide the most efficient and attainable therapeutic services to patients.

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