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Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
16 July 2024 | 06:57 ص


15 June2015



In continuation of the outstanding medical achievements of the Medical Services General Directorate, the Prince Sultan Cardiac Center of Prince Sultan Military Medical City has successfully implanted trans- catheter Leadless Pacemakers for an 85-year- old male and two 65 year-old female patients without the need for surgical intervention.

Dr. Ahmed bin Rashid Al-Fagih, Head of the medical team, who performed the procedure, stated that the technology used was the state-of-the-art, and only available in limited centers around the world. This technology, God willing, will prompt a radical change in the implantation of heart pacemakers in the future.

Dr. Al-Fagih added that the latest pacemakers are small; usually less than 6.7 mm in diameter, 25.9 mm long, and weigh only 2 grams with an expected battery life up to thirteen (13) years. They are also implanted via Trans- catheter without surgical intervention.

Leadless Pacemakers can also be wirelessly linked – (in the near future) - to a special modem designed to transmit information relating to the patient's heartbeat accurately via the Internet without the need for patients to visit the hospital.

In conclusion, Dr. Al- Fagih reiterated that Prince Sultan Cardiac Center continues to keep pace with the latest technology in the provision of superior therapeutic, diagnostic and preventive cardiac services, utilizing stat-of-the art technology, thanks to Allah the Almighty, then to the unlimited support of the wise leadership of our country and the continuous follow-up efforts of the Medical Services General Directorate aimed at identifying ways and means to overcome obstacles.

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